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Welcome to Supertop Camel Milk, a pioneering venture nestled in the heart of South Australia’s pristine deserts.

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Unlock the secret to a healthier lifestyle with Supertop Camel Milk, offering an exclusive 10% discount on bulk purchases over 20 bottles, directly from the vast, pollution-free deserts of South Australia to your doorstep.

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2/241-243 Diagonal Rd, Warradale SA 5046


0433 212 522



Supertop Camel Milk - Your Source for Pure, Organic 1L Bottles and Camel Milk Products Near Adelaide!

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A taste of the desert’s purity, delivered to your home.

Special offer: 10% off on orders of 20 bottles or more !

Orders are delivered every Wednesday, with a cutoff time of 23:59 on Tuesday nights. For customers placing a single order of more than 20 bottles, enjoy next-day delivery service.

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