Delivery Information

Welcome to Supertop Camel Milk, a pioneering venture nestled in the heart of South Australia’s pristine deserts.

At Supertop Camel Milk, we are committed to ensuring that our customers enjoy the freshest and highest quality camel milk, direct from our farms to your doorstep. To maintain the integrity and freshness of our products, we have carefully crafted our delivery policy as follows:

Temperature-Controlled Shipping

Our camel milk products require refrigeration to maintain their quality and freshness. We ship our milk in temperature-controlled packaging to ensure it remains at the optimal temperature during transit. However, to preserve its freshness upon arrival, we advise that it be stored in the refrigerator immediately.

Delivery Schedule

  • Weekly Deliveries: We deliver our products every Wednesday to ensure that you consistently receive fresh camel milk throughout the week.
  • Order Cutoff Time: To manage your expectations and our logistics efficiently, all orders must be placed by 23:59 on Tuesday night to be eligible for Wednesday delivery.

Shipping Cost and Methods

  • Free Delivery: We provide free shipping to your address if you place your order over $70 in one transaction.  (Please note, our local delivery can only be done within 20km from the Adelaide CBD.) See the delivery map below:
  • Pickup: You can also pickup your fresh milk on our designed local pickup depot (Adelaide and Surronding Suburbs Only).
  • The current one pickup spots is: Nanjing Restaurant (832/840 Lower North East Rd, Dernancourt SA 5075)

Special Next-Day Delivery

  • For our esteemed customers who place a single order of more than 20 bottles, we are pleased to offer an exclusive next-day delivery service. This ensures that your bulk purchases are expedited to your doorstep, fresh and ready to enjoy.

Delivery Area Restrictions

  • Limited Delivery Area: To guarantee the freshness of our camel milk, we currently accept deliveries within a 20-kilometer radius from CBD Adelaide. This limitation is in place to ensure that our products reach you in their best condition, preserving their natural nutrients and taste.
  • No Interstate Deliveries: At this time, we are unable to fulfill orders outside of our designated delivery area or interstate. This policy helps us uphold the quality and freshness of our camel milk, as extended travel distances can compromise these crucial aspects.

Why Local Delivery?

The freshness of camel milk is paramount to its nutritional value and taste. Delivering within a limited area allows us to maintain the cold chain effectively and ensure that every bottle of Supertop Camel Milk retains its pristine condition from our farm to your fridge. We appreciate your understanding and support in our mission to deliver excellence with every drop.

Thank you for choosing Supertop Camel Milk. We look forward to serving you and providing your family with the unique health benefits of fresh, sustainably sourced camel milk.

Special offer: 10% off on orders of 20 bottles or more !

Orders are delivered every Wednesday, with a cutoff time of 23:59 on Tuesday nights. For customers placing a single order of more than 20 bottles, enjoy next-day delivery service.

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